How It's Made at 2plus3: Excellence in Every Drop

At 2plus3, we’re committed to producing premium dairy products in our advanced catering facility, ensuring quality from the freshest ingredients to your table. Here’s how we maintain the highest standards in our production process:


Ingredient Selection

Our journey begins with high-quality milk sourced from trusted dairy farms, guaranteeing a superior base for our products.


Advanced Production Technology

Our facility is equipped with the latest industrial catering equipment, enabling efficient and consistent processing. This technology ensures the safety and quality of our milk through pasteurization and homogenization.


Expert Team

Our production team comprises specialists in their fields, from food scientists to quality control experts, all trained to uphold our high standards of production and hygiene.


Hygiene and Safety

We adhere to stringent cleanliness protocols, significantly exceeding industry standards to ensure the safety and quality of our products.


Quality Assurance

Our products undergo extensive testing for taste, texture, and safety, meeting both our rigorous internal standards and regulatory requirements.


Efficient Packaging and Distribution

Packaged in food-grade materials, our products are then distributed using a robust supply chain. We’re proud to partner with PUDO and Courier Guy, offering a comprehensive pick-up and drop-off (PUDO) service across South Africa. This partnership ensures that our products are delivered swiftly and securely, providing convenience and accessibility to our customers nationwide.


At 2plus3, we believe in excellence at every step, from sourcing to delivery, ensuring our customers enjoy the finest dairy products with every order.

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